Performance Management

Performance Management

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About Performance Management

Performance Management helps you achieve your professional goals and align them with our organization’s strategic objectives. For more information, read the article, “Keeping the Quality High: Performance Management at Fordham IT.” 

Find upcoming and past Performance Management workshops for IT staff at the Fordham IT Events Calendar.

Beginning-Year Workshop

At this workshop, you’ll learn

  • Overview of the Performance Management process
  • Changes to the Performance Management forms
  • Overview of the BGN-Year form and process
  • Connecting the Annual Development form to Performance Management

Mid-Year Workshop

The mid-year review is your chance to interact with your staff and/or your direct supervisor in a focused yet informal dialog to review goals and results for the year so far.
This webinar will help focus your review so you can
  • adjust current goals to meet new needs
  • identify new opportunities
  • set plans for the second half of the year
  • plan for an effective mid-year review

End-year Workshop

At this workshop, you’ll learn

  • What’s required on the form and the overall performance management schedule
  • How to use the review process to open a dialogue with your reports and supervisor
  • How the entire performance management process helps you do your job well

You’ll also have the opportunity to get a jumpstart on filling out your form during the session and to ask questions.