Staff Achievement

February 3, 2021 Announcements

Calvin Byer, Asst. Dir. for Innovation & Change Integration, was a panelist for the Healthcare Association of Change Management Professionals series “Wine Down Wednesdays.”  On the panel, Calvin Calvin shared his experiences, observations and lessons learned from the evolving challenges of safely navigating the pandemic in a hospital environment.

Katherine Egan, Executive Dir, Organizational Effectiveness, published an ebook, “Epigenetics 101,” is a quick-start guide to understanding how your cumulative daily life choices impact your overall health and wellbeing.

Nelia Feliz, Senior Systems Analyst, received her Masters Degree in Cyber Security, from Fordham University, in December.

Peter Muncsch, Solutions Architect, co-authored with Alison Munsch, PhD, the article, “The Future of Application Programming Interface Security: The Adoption of API’s for Digital Communications and the Implications for Cyber Security Vulnerabilities” published in the Journal of International Technology and Information Management (JITIM).