Fordham IT Fosters Employee Wellness

Innovation Walk Video

Fordham IT’s wellness and fitness initiatives

Exercise, meditation, nutrition, and social fitness opportunities are intended to nourish employee health and well-being. We currently offer seasonal Innovation Walks. We also occasionally support fitness challenges, weight loss challenges, and Wellness Wednesdays, a lunchtime event with special programming.

Innovation Walks

IT staff walk together and chat with colleagues about what’s going on in Fordham IT, new initiatives, and work and life challenges. Walks take place seasonally, approximately once a month, at the Bronx Botanical Gardens or Central Park.

2020 walks

Innovation Walk with IT Staff via Zoom: On the first Fordham IT Innovation Walk to be held on Zoom, we discussed how brainstorming and information sharing can still take place effectively. We also shared ideas for encouraging more staff to take part in IT-sponsored gatherings. We had a deeper discussion on what kinds of opportunities are needed to help us feel connected to each other and our work while we’re all apart.

2019 walks

April 2019 Innovation Walkers .   Innovation walkers with Calvin Byer    Innovation walkers at Lincoln Center

Decisions: How Do We Make Them? Louis Papa, UISO
Making Gender Equality Possible in the Workplace & Our Communities, Calvin Byer, SP&I&Katherine Gomez, CASM
Improving Efficiency and Being Green, Luis Santiango, ETS
Career Transitions within the University, Marlyn Soto, SSIA

2018 walks

Fordham IT Group Photo 2018

Networking Strategies, Judy Artêche-Carr
Learning & Innovative Technology Environment (LITE), Fleur Eshghi
IT Staff Engagement, Elizabeth Cornell, Katherine Egan, Shabana Pathan
Looking Back at Back to School, William Shuriff, Omar Cheikh, Judy Rothschild-Best
Badging for Recognition, Shaya Phillips

2017 walks

Fordham IT Group Photo 2017

Fordham IT’s Innovation Program: The Relaunch, Rich Eberhardt and Calvin Byer
Fordham Analytics: Data Driven Decisions, Jason Lerner & Bob McNab
Meet the New PMO, Ally Spencer and PMO Team
Good Health By Choice, Not Chance, Katherine Egan
Digital Mapping Meets Pedagogy on El Camino, Shawn Hill

2016 walks

Group Photo IT Staff 2016

IT Risk @ the University, Silvio Balzano
Eating For Energy, Katherine Egan
Multi-Factor Authentication, Mathew Tams
Unified Communications, Joyce Tyrrell
Google Apps for Collaboration in the Office & Classroom, Diego Gomez

Wellness Wednesdays

Fordham IT Cooks covers

December 2017
Fordham IT staff contributed tasty, mostly healthy recipes, for the first-ever Fordham IT Cooks recipe book.

Minimalist Step Challenge cropped

July 2017
Lunch for those who completed the Step Challenge for Minimalists

IT Staff and Food

June 2017
CIO Bi-Monthly Gathering: Wellness Wednesday Event


March 2017
Promote a Healthy Mind with Physical Activity | Diego Gomez

Colored Slinky

October 2016
The Power of Play and How to Incorporate it into Your Life | Kristen Treglia

Colorful food

July 2016
Eating for Energy | Katherine Egan

Bocce game

June 2016
Nicole Zeidan and Kanchan Thaokar play Fordham IT’s first ever bocce game.

Fitness Challenges

Currently, the University’s Wellness Manager sponsors voluntary fitness challenges and classes. IT staff are encouraged to take advantage of them. Fordham IT occasionally sponsors voluntary fitness challenges to inspire IT staff to raise their level of physical fitness.

Minimalist Step Challenge cropped

Third Step Challenge: May 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017
23 participants took 10,765,114 steps, or 5097 miles
That’s like walking back and forth between the Empire State Building and Walt Disney world almost 5 times!

cartoon walkers with halloween bucket

Second Step Challenge, July 2016-December 2016
30 participants walked 44,458,406 steps, or approximately 21,050 miles.
That’s like walking the length of the Hudson River almost 67 times!

Winter scene with people

First Step Challenge, November 2015-April 2016
27 participants walked a total of 44,282,656 steps or 20,967 miles
That’s almost same as walking the horizontal length of the US 7.82 times!

Weight Loss Challenge

Weight loss challenge banner

September – December 2017

At the request of several Fordham IT staff, we launched the Weight Loss Challenge in fall 2017. More than 10% of our staff signed up for the 4-month challenge.

An initial weigh-in, a voluntary mid-challenge weigh-in, and a final weigh-out helped participants mark their progress. Participants also received tips for healthy weight loss, and they were invited to join a private Facebook group to discuss ideas and motivate each other.

Shannon Ortiz, with the most weight lost, was the winner of this challenge!

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