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Women in IT is designed especially for the women who work for Fordham IT, to discuss the unique issues women face in the workplace and community.

Women in IT – Remote Lunch Chats

Join your women colleagues for lunch every two weeks, on alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays. These informal virtual hangouts will bring us together and keep us in touch while we work remotely.

We can chat, share, eat lunch, even stay quiet and simply enjoy seeing everyone’s faces. We can discuss a particular topic, book, movie–whatever moves us.

Your participation is entirely voluntary. Pop in and out as you see fit. We don’t want to promote Zoom fatigue!

Past Women in IT Meetings

For full descriptions of past and upcoming Women in IT events, visit the IT Events Calendar


November: Breaking the Habits that Hold you Back Part 2, considering ways to shift the barriers that block our abilities to advance in our careers. This discussion focused on ways we can promote, rather than undermine, ourselves and our leadership abilities, and find ways to communicate our strengths.

October: Fordham’s fourth annual Women’s Summit, an exploration of how we cultivate resilience in ourselves, help empower others, and harness our collective power to give back and effect change.

September: Breaking the Habits that Hold you Back, a discussion about passivity when it comes to owning our achievements and contributions. We also considered the habit and consequences of “trying to do it alone.”

January: Gender Equality in the Workplace and Communities TED Talk and Discussion, led by Katherine Gomez and Calvin Byer



November: Gender Equality in the Workplace and Communities

October: Building for Good: Small groups will build water filtration systems to be sent to villages in Africa. Open to all Fordham IT staff.

March: Gattaca: Film discussion, led by Judy Rothschild-Best and Josephine Law

February: Estate Planning and Preparing for the Journey, led by Judy Arteche-Carr



December: Algorithms of Oppression: Book discussion

November: Kristen Treglia shares her experiences with the Fordham Institute for Women and Girls. She also demonstrated Flipboard, a news and social media aggregator.

April: The Nibble Theory: Book discussion

August: Sharing experiences of SIM Women Leadership Summit



December: Moving Forward Together: Planning for 2018

October: Master the Moments (SIM webinar): Recognize the different ways men and women communicate.

September: Inaugural Meeting: Pam Stenson, special guest speaker