SIM Women Webinars

SIM Women (Webinars for IT Staff – Sponsored by SIM)

SIM Women is a network inside the SIM national association that promotes mentorship, communication and career development amongst the female members of SIM.

Society for Information Management (SIM). Since 1968, SIM has inspired the minds of the most prestigious IT leaders in the industry. Highly regarded as the premier network for IT leadership, SIM is a community of thought leaders who share experiences and rich intellectual capital, and who explore future IT direction.

SIM is an association of senior IT executives, prominent academicians, selected consultants, and other IT thought leaders.  Built on a foundation of local chapters, these leaders come together to share and enhance their intellectual capital for the benefit of their organizations. This is accomplished through a series of local presentations, various meetings and symposiums, a variety of publications and partnering with key knowledge leaders.

SIM members strongly believe in and champion:

    • The alignment of IT and business as a valued partnership.
    • The creation and sharing of best practices;
    • The effective, efficient and innovative business use of information technology to continuously bring to market valuable products and services;
    • IT management and leadership skills development that enables our members growth at each stage of their career;
    • The replenishment and education of future IT leaders including a strong role in influencing university curriculums and continuing education;
    • Working with the IT industry to shape its direction;
    • Policies and legislation that stimulate innovation, economic development, healthy competition and IT job creation;
    • Serving our communities and the industry through giving and outreach.

Recent Webinars

October 28 2020:  C.U.L.T.U.R.E. Connection by Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins
Dr. Lisa D. Jenkins, a cultural strategist with a passion to create and support diverse environments, will be our guest speaker. Self-awareness, personal development, and our relationship to others are all core to becoming the best leaders – and humans – we can be. Dr. Lisa will discuss the C.U.L.T.U.R.E Connection, which will empower you to embrace your journey while impacting those around you. While the year 2020 has been filled with disruption and fear, the C.U.L.T.U.R.E. Connection reminds us that there is strength and positivity in our individual identities as well as our collective. Join us for an hour of interaction that will motivate and equip you to soar, while lifting others as you ascend.
February 26 2020: “Getting Results with Ease: A Systems Approach to Achieving Your Goals” by  Peg Calvario

Every January, millions of people set personal and professional goals for themselves. They vow that this is the year that they will finally get healthy, double sales, start a new initiative, or advance in their career. Setting big goals with real intentions is exciting and yet too many of us fail to ever achieve our goals.

Join the webinar as Peg explains how using a systems approach can make achieving our goals easier than we think!

Webinar Key Learnings include:

  • A Systems Approach to Achieving Your Goals
  • Help members uncover where they want to be (result/ vision)
  • Assess level of self-awareness and empowerment related to gap
  • Help members articulate a goal related to gap
  • Identify small actionable steps
  • Highlight what propels you forward and what sabotages your goal achievement
  • Explore what members see as potential actions they might take to work toward goals
  • Create value for members by helping them identify an immediate action

Peg Calvario, PCC is an accomplished executive coach with extensive leadership development and business experience. She brings to each engagement an appreciative and pragmatic approach to each engagement, partnering with individuals and organizations to build upon what is already working. She is successful in developing emerging leaders, accelerating growth of top talent, and offering a confidential external sounding board to C-level executives. Clients frequently say her style of coaching is “life and career changing.”

She has been coaching clients since 2010 and her specific areas of expertise include executive and business coaching, leadership development and interpersonal communication. Peg also works as a key member of the coaching teams for BetterUp, Lee Hecht Harrison, The Ken Blanchard Companies, and Villanova University EMBA. In addition, she has facilitated CEO peer advisory groups in multiple industries. Peg lives outside of Philadelphia with her husband and enjoys running marathons, reading, and making a difference in the lives of others.

January 29 2020: Leading Change – Increasing the Odds of Success  by Donna Conforti

We’ve all heard the saying: The only thing that’s constant is change, and yet nearly 70% of change efforts fail to meet the mark. What goes wrong, and how can we do better by getting ahead of and leading change?

As a seasoned business leader and professionally-certified coach, Donna understands the challenges of today’s executives. They have to demonstrate agility, acumen and grace as they set the vision; communicate with gravitas, intention and impact; inspire and influence associates of diverse backgrounds and across generations.

Donna’s coaching practice is for leaders looking to build executive muscle in this environment. She is a trusted partner to those who want to target and accelerate their growth.